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It's all about Love

It's all about the Love

For me it all about the love
of giving and receiving spankings.
That "True Bottom Warming Experience"
and the "emotional and sometimes tear induced cleansing"
and comfort that takes place both
during and afterwards, trying not to focus,
at least for me, on the nasty,
sometimes terrible,
burning pain that is sometimes associated
with this unique and amazing kink.

CC, aka "My Mammy" always knows how to
soothe and calm me, making the little boy
inside feel loved and cared for,
knowing all is forgiven

What an incredible feeling knowing that
another person cherishes you enough
to hold you accountable,
and can bring that kind of emotion
to a "True Bottom Warming Experience! :-)

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}
As Beautiful and awesome as they are to touch and look at,
wanting the business end taken to your bare bottom the
good old-fashion way is whole another story.
Caution is always advised! :-)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Won't Do It AgainI

I Won't Do It Again! 
If it means being spanked,
Maybe I will do it again! :-)
I Won't Do It Again!
Of course you won't.
I am going to give you a very
memorable dose of my slipper.

Take it off my foot and hand it to me.
Take a close look,
 my shoe is going to be turning
your backside a nice deep red in a minute.
I have chosen a high stool to sit
 on so your arms and legs won’t
reach the ground and you
will kick and wriggle like the
 silly little boy you behave like

Ow!! That hurts!
Owie my butt!
I won't do it again! Owie!
Keep still! 
It is supposed to hurt !
I Won't Do It Again!!!!
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Belt

Be very afraid when Mammy wraps
the leather belt around her hand!
As each blistering stroke connects,
it leaves burning
hot bands of pure fire.
as she blisters my
sometimes boyish,
 bare backside.

D! I’m gonna make sure
you remember this one!
 As I felt the first
sting of her belt,
My whole body goes into shook. 


Stand still” Mammy exclaimed as her
relentless assault on my bottom was underway.


 Owie! Mammy, please stop, please,

I’m sorry,
I began to plea,
but that fell on deaf ears.
 By now, I was screaming at the top my lungs,
bawling uncontrollably.

As fast as it started,
the whipping was over.
 Thank God because my
 bottom was nearly purple.
 After a little cool down time,
Mammy ordered me to my knees!
Where I begun thanking
her the best way I knew how.
 The rest is History~~~~~

Getting The Belt!
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Naughty Boy Fantasies

Once again
 I'm the corner,
nose to the wall, 
bare ass naked,
  awaiting my well deserved
spanking from Mammy.
All these question are running throught my head!
 Do I think it will sting?
Oh god yes!! 
Will she will allow me to keep my pants on
so I will not be as humiliated?
No way dude!
Do I think she will go easy on me? No!
She going to tear my ass up.....
Do I think I can avoid getting an erection
while over Her Knee?
She'll spank that erection right off me.
Naughty Boy Fantasies
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beautiful Female Ass Spankers #14

Do you have inside the desire,
a cute and endearing,
 woman to do this to you?
If you answered Yes, to the above question.
Unfasten your pants and prepare
your bottom for the
spanking journey of a life time.
However be careful what you wish for!
All the Beautiful Female Ass Spankers
on this post do just that!
And you might just find that its
 YOU that is next to go across
 those lovely knees,
as she lifts that hairbrush up high
 ready to bring it down stingingly
across your bare naughty backside
Have you ever hunger for
a Sexy Female Ass Spanker to take
you by the ear into a designated spanking room,
and scolding you until you are totally deflated
then take down your pants
and shorts and spank your
bare bottom with their hairbrush!!
Beautiful Female Ass Spankers
has One thing In mind and knows
exactly how to deal with naughty
 boys who misbehave!
Putting them Firmly Back in their Places,
one sore bottom at a time! :-)

Beautiful Female Ass Spankers
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today is your Day

Today is your Day!
 Today is your Day to have fun!
Today is your Day to be Naughty!
Today is your Day to let go!
 Today is your Day to learn a lesson!
Today is your day to have your pants taken down!
Today is your Day for your bare bottom to glow!
Today is your Day to receive that
true Bottom Warming Experience!
Today is your Day
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diaper Position: In’s and Out’s, Pro’s and Con’s

What’s there not to like about this
 lovely revealing & Humiliating Positions!
Male spankos seem to like it,
while most female spankos don't.
Here at D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventues,
the Diaper Position post are
some of the most popular.
 The Diaper Position, also called legs up position,
is a spanking position in
which the spankee lies on their
back, e.g. on a bed or couch,
and their legs are elevated
 and held above their body,
thus exposing the butt for spanking.
 The spankee may hold their own legs,
 or perhaps more commonly,
they may be held by the spanker.
 If the spanker holds the spankee's legs,
he or she may use them to raise
the lower part of the spankee's
body slightly off its support,
thus further exposing the butt.
It is also very practical to place a cushion
under the spankee's hips
for the same purpose.
 This position gets its name because
in changing a diaper on an infant,
they are put in a similar position.
 In spite of its name, the diaper position
 is not typically associated with
the spanking of children, but more
with the erotic spanking of adults.
 In this position the genital area is exposed
 and visible to the spanker,
and there is increased blood flow
to the head and upper body of the spankee,
which can increase sensation.
Also the spankee's skin is relatively taut,
which also increases sensation.

Last but not least, the diaper position is
practically the only position in which
the spankee's face is up, not down,
which allows eye contact between
the spanker and the
spankee during the spanking.
Being spanked in the diaper
position is doubly embarrassing.
 Not only does the spanker have full view
of your most intimate parts,
they can look you in the face and see the
discomfort in your expression.
For this reason, as stated above,
many ladies don’t seem to like this position.
Diaper Position
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Being Spanked Naked

Sometimes Mammy spanks me naked! 
always a big turn on for me.
       When I'm bad boy,
Mammy sometimes orders me
to get naked,
or strips me herself,
bending me over her knee or over the
end of the bed and spanks me
with her hand, hairbrush,
a thin paddle, or a leather strap.
Always Mammy's choice.
Always lot's of Fun!
Being Spanked Naked
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Angry Mom, aka, Mammy!

Dana is truely this naughty
 boys biggest Fan.

 I really love spending
time across my Mammy's lap.
 I love the lectures and the way
 she reduces me to a
Naughty Boy state of mind ,
old fashioned, calm,
and always to the the point.
Playing with Mammy
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Being Spankful!
 I'm so thankful for all the
spankings that CC, aka,
Mammy has given me.
 When Mammy finishes with me,
I'm always
out of breath,
worn-out and exhausted!

Being placed over CC/Mammy’s
knee is one of the greatest
experiences of my life.
Thank you for all the spankings
and looking forward to
more fun times ahead. 

Being Spankful
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!