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It's all about Love

It's all about the Love

For me it all about the love
of giving and receiving that
"True Bottom Warming Experience"
and the "emotional and tear induced cleansing"
and comfort that takes place both
during and afterwards, trying not to focus,
at least for me, on the nasty,
sometimes terrible, burning pain
that is sometimes associated
with this unique and amazing kink.

"My Mammy", aka, CC, always knows how to
soothe and calm me, making the little boy
inside feel loved and cared for,
knowing all is forgiven.

What an incredible feeling
knowing that you have this
intimate connection with
another person who accepts
your spanking fetish
and cherishes you enough
to hold you accountable,
and bring that kind of emotion
to a "True Bottom Warming Experience! :-)

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

So beautiful and awesome to touch and look at.
Although it’s a whole other story wanting
the business end taken to your bare rear end
and upper thighs the good old-fashion way.

Be careful what you wish for!
During certain levels of play,
discoloration of skin and or bruising can occur.
Caution and safe play is always advised! ;-)

D's Naughty Boy Treasure Chest

D's Naughty Boy Treasure Chest

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transported to the Treasure Chest!

101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man

101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man

"101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man"
(But Remember, You Only Need One!)
Click on image to be taken to the page!

28. It’s wonderful to feel completely in love, and completely loved, again.

6. You get to put him over your lap – with his bottom exposed and completely vulnerable.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Trip to Paradise

Will deserved orgasms, 
is always my pleasure. 
Kick back my love,
and allow me to take 
you on a well 
deserved trip to paradise. ♥
Its not always about Spankings
Will deserved orgasms, 
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Until You Can'T Sit Down!

While reading my paper, 
and with D in the corner, 
the phone rang. 
It was my sister. As we chatted, 
I saw D turn his head to see me.
 Immediately I excused myself, 
covered the phone receiver and said, 
"Young man, I told you to keep 
your nose in that corner, 
do not make me talk to you 
again or you will be sorry mister!”
 He put his nose back in the corner 
and I continued my conversation, 
but keeping a close eye on him. 
It was not 2 minutes before he 
began fidgeting and 
scratching one leg then the other. 
I excused myself, put the phone 
down on the end table 
and walked quickly over to where 
D was in the corner. 
I pulled him back from the corner, 
put one arm around his
 waist and bent him forward 
and gave him 8 or 10 fast
 hard spanks as I told him
 not to move again. 

He yelped with each spank 
and I fussed at him telling
 him to stay still or" 
I will spank you until you can't sit down!"
When I got back to the phone my sister
 asked me what was going on.
 I told her about my new arrangement 
with D 
and that D was in the corner
 waiting for his first spanking. 
She was very intrigued by the idea 
and we talked 5 or 10
 minutes about it as D sniffled. 
I looked over at him and saw 
my pink hand prints starting
 to show on his bottom 
and felt sorry for him. 
as I told my sister, 
this is what he wanted and 
it would 
not be happening 
if he had not asked me to do it.

After I hung up, I called D over to me. 
He turned around hesitantly 
which caused me to tell him 
not to make the mistake of
 making me come get him. 

He came to my side and I said 
"I've had quite enough of your 
disrespectful behavior , 
young man, from now on, 
when you are disrespectful to me, 
you are in for a trip over my knee. 
You are lucky I did not spank
 you at the party. 
Do you understand me little man?” 
"I'm sorry CC! I'm ss-o-orry-y-y! 
Please don't spank me again!!"
 D whimpered anxiously 
as I pulled him over my lap.
 D’s anxiety increased as I positioned 
bottom to make a better target. 

Then I told him that while he 
was my little boy over my knee, 
I was not CC. I am Mammy. 
I gave him three quick swats and 
asked him if he understood. 
He said, “Yes, Mammy”. 
I had to look down as I thought 
for sure it was a little 
boy who answered me. 
"You've had this coming for
 a long time, young man!"
I paused. A moment passed. 
Across my lap lay a man I loved. 
How many times did I wish it 
was me getting t
spanking throughout my life? 
Here I was, getting ready to give
 a spanking instead of get one. 
I had so many emotions running
 through me at that moment. 
Would he still love me after 
I spank his chubby white bottom? 
Why had I always wanted to be the
 one to get the spanking? 
As I sat there ready to give him
 the spanking of his life, 
I knew I was doing it because 
I loved him and he wanted it. 
He would not be here if he 
did not want to be. 
He needed me to do this for him, 
to take control, to help him
 gain self-discipline, 
to help him feel secure in 
knowing that someone loves 
him enough to keep him on the right path. 

It finally dawned on me that 
these were the same reasons 
I wanted to be spanked all these 
years and why 
it gave me so much 
comfort to fantasize about it. 
"NO-O-O!" cried D cried in 
that little boy voice, 
reaching back to try to stay my hand. 
But it was too late. 
He was naked and over Mammy’s lap.
All at once, D felt dreadfully 
vulnerable lying there,
 with no protection at all, 
knowing that Mammy meant
 business in giving him this 
spanking and he 
had to completely trust her 
and put himself in her hands. 
Although I was determined
 to give my naughty boy
 a good spanking, 
my heart also felt heavy. 
But what must be done must be done, 
and done thoroughly. 
I raised my open palm high 
and brought it down with 
a with a resounding 
SMACK squarely across
 the soft mounds of his bottom. 
The first slap caught D by 
surprise as he felt 
a sharp 
tingly pain on his bottom. 
I continued to slap his bare buttocks 
swiftly with my open hand. 
D gasped and was too stunned
 to make any noise 
during the 
first few smacks but 
that soon changed 
as the smarting sting 
quickly began to build. 
"I know Dear. [SMACK] 
It's going to [SMACK]
 hurt [SMACK] even 
[SMACK] more before 
I'm [SMACK] finished 
with [SMACK] you!!"
*sob* [SMACK]
As the sting of D’s first 
spanking continued to mount, 
he burst completely into tears, 
his wails sharply punctuated
 by the steady swats 
of my palm against his bare skin. 

D knew that spankings hurt, 
but he had not imagined 
that they could hurt this much. 
He was shocked that my 
hand could sting so much. 
Tears spilled from his eyes,
 and bawling he kicked 
his legs and squirmed on 
Mammy’s lap as I continued to 
slap the his chubby white globes
 that were quickly becoming pink. 
I was surprised at how much 
he reacted to my hand spanking.
D had thought he could not 
take any more and now
 the stinging pain was even worse. 
Never had he imagined that 
CC’s gentle hand that held his 
and caressed him in the past could hurt so! 
His bottom was scorching! 
D wanted to beg for 
mercy but all he could manage
 to do was cry 
as I continued 
to smack his bottom until 
it was the color of strawberry ice cream.
Finally, since I had pins-and-needles
 sensation in my palm, 
I picked up the hairbrush 
I had placed next to the chair 
and I gave him a number of slow,
 extra-hard smacks to 
conclude the first spanking of D’s life, 
while D wailed loudly 
and flailed his undie-entangled legs 
each time the slaps landed. 
At last, I was satisfied 
that D had been 
sufficiently spanked. 
I stopped and said, Well young man, 
your first spanking is over, 
but it is one you 
will not soon forget. 
And, I dare say, you won't want
 to sit down for a while.”
D was crying so loud, and his bottom was stinging so much, 
that it took him several moments
 to notice that I had stopped
 and I was gently stroking his bottom. 

I let him cry for a while 
over my lap but 
did not permit him to reach back
 to rub his throbbing buttocks. 
D was no longer kicking and squirming, 
but lay limply, 
draped like a wet cloth, 
weeping like the freshly-spanked boy. 
After couple minutes had 
passed and D was no longer
 crying as hard, 
and I began to admonish him. 
Are you going to be more respectful 
around me from now on young man? 
““Y-y-yes M-Mammy,
 sobbed D softly. " 
D would have promised 
me anything at that moment. 
I helped him to his feet, 
and allowed him to rub his bottom. 
I tenderly kissed him 
and gave him a long hug while
 D continued to sniffle
 and rest his head on 
Mammy's shoulder. 
I comforted him gently as 
his tears abated, telling D that
 I loved him
 and did not want to have 
to give him another spanking,
 but from now on, if he continued his disrespectful behavior, 
he could rest assured 
I would pull down his 
pants and spank 
his bottom in a heartbeat.
I took his chin in my hand, 
looked into his eyes and said, “
 No matter how hard it is 
for me to do it, 
no matter where we are, 
if you misbehave, 
I will take you home,
 pull down you pants, 
turn you over my
 knee and give you
 a good sound spanking,
 do you understand?”
He shook his tear stained
 face yes as 
he sniffed 
and rubbed his sore bottom.”
 He understood that 
from now on, 
being Mammy’s little boy 
would not be the same as 
being CC’s boyfriend. 
There was another part of 
his body that was indicating 
that he was really excited
 about that idea. 
It was not long before Mammy 
was CC again and 
we took care of that part of his body too! 
I was actually very surprised
 that giving a 
caused me to be so aroused. 
 am not sure what it was, 
but the feeling of being in 
complete control was exciting. 
It turned out to be the 
best foreplay I had ever had! 

Weeping like the freshly-spanked boy. 
it's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Setting me straight

 Before it’s to late.  
Pull down my pants,
and spank me soundly.

 My lady who can be very strict 
is always up for setting my
bottom on fire!    
At times I can be a very 
naughty disobedient, 
badly behaved boy, 
who needs to be placed
down over your knee and
given an extremely
hard bare bottom spanking
with a hair brush and Strap
blistering my bottom
sufficiently enough,
making it so I'm sleeping
on my tummy for a night, or two.
 Blistering Bare Bottoms.
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Spread the Word!☺

Google has reversed it's decision on porn.
Google has changed its mind regarding 
and sexually explicit 
images on blogs.

Read it here:!category-topic/blogger/jAep2mLabQY

This was due to the large number of queries on the Blogger Help Forum regarding specifics, like artistic drawings, erotic stories, and of course, bare bottom spanking. The Google rule-setters realized that they had been far too vague in their statement. It is entirely possible that they may come out with something more specific at a later date, but for now, we're safe!
Spread the word!☺
A Good Spanking!
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogger Content Policy Update

Blogger Content Policy Update!

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming 
change to the Blogger 
Content  Policy that may
 affect your account.

In the coming weeks, 
we'll no longer allow blogs
 that contain sexually  
explicit or graphic nude images or video. 
We'll still allow nudity  
presented in artistic, educational, 
documentary, or scientific contexts, or  
where there are other substantial 
benefits to the public from not taking  
action on the content.

The new policy will go 
into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. 
After this  policy goes into effect, 
Google will restrict access to 
any blog identified  
as being in violation of our revised policy. 
No content will be deleted,  
but only blog authors and
 those with whom they have 
expressly shared the  
blog will be able to see 
the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your
 account may be affected 
by this policy change. 
Please refrain from creating 
new content that would 
violate this  policy. 
Also, we ask that you 
make any necessary changes
 to your existing  
blog to comply as soon as possible, 
so that you won't experience any  
interruptions in service. 
You may also choose to 
create an archive of your  
content via Google Takeout. 

This is it folks! 
As of March 22nd both
 my blogs will go private....  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It’s for my own good.

Real spankings hurt horribly.
It doesn't matter how many you've had,
or how old you are.
The pain remains the same.

We men and boys need to 
“know our place”.
The only way to teach us is to
strip us naked from waist to toes.
Every naughty boy needs frequent
and severe screaming spankings.
To keep me on tenterhooks of terror.
Mammy often gives me a
random screaming spanking.

For some, this may seem cruel. 
Believe me it isn't.
It’s for my own good.

Random Screaming Spankings.
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Lesson well Learned.

Strictly Spanking Network - a Lesson well learned!

I was driving home in Eastern Tennessee on a Friday night. It was 10:30, and I knew my wife was going to be somewhat upset with me for being so late. I had stopped by the bar with my buddies for a couple of beers after work. My wife, Betty, 
was ok with this but told me to be home no later than 9. 
I knew that I was going to get 
my ass blistered when I got home.

Our relationship was one that included domestic discipline, 
and this has always worked in keeping our marriage strong. 
She’s the dominant female, and I’m the submissive. 
And I like it that way, but I was not looking forward 
to what was waiting for me when I got home. 
I knew what I was in store for — 
a very hard dose of her razor strap.

I was only a few miles from home, 
but I just couldn't wait and had to stop 
and relieve myself from all that beer I consumed. 
It was a lonely road, and dark, 
so I decided I could just pull over and take care of business. 
I had just gotten started when I saw 
a car coming around the curve just behind me. 
I really had to go, so I just turned away and continued. 
I figured it was dark, and no one would be 
able to tell what I was doing anyway.

Just then my thoughts were interrupted by
 flashing lights as the car pulled over in front of me. 
Oh shit! I thought only a moment 
before I was by a bright light. 
I zipped up my pants, but the officer was 
already getting out of the car.
“Do you mind telling me what you’re doing?”
 the officer asked in a gruff
 but distinctly female voice.

This is not good, I thought to myself. 
At least a male officer might be more
 understanding of my situation.
“I’m sorry, officer, ”I replied weakly, 
“but I just couldn't wait any longer.”

As she approached me, I could see that 
she was an attractive woman in her late 20's or early 30's. 
Black hair, dark complexion —
 perhaps of Latin decent with a hint of American Indian. 
She was fairly tall and looked like she 
worked out on a regular basis, 
even in her uniform.

“Have you been drinking?” she asked, 
maintaining the position of her flashlight.
“I had a few drinks with my friends, 
but I am not intoxicated, Ma’am.”

“You know that what you did is considered indecent exposure, and I can have you arrested for that. 
And if your alcohol level test’s 
over the legal limit, you’ll be spending the night in jail.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I said as my heart rate quickened.
She had me follow her to her car 
and made me blow up a balloon. 
Then she looked at the result and said, 
”You are right below the line,
 but I could still arrest you.”
“Oh please don’t!” I begged her. 
“My wife will blister me good if 
she had to come bail me out. 
I am already in for it for being late.”
“Are you telling me that your 
wife spanks you when you misbehave?“ she asked.
I noticed a slight twinge of a smile for just a second.
“Yes Ma’am,” I said.
“I really only have indecent exposure on you, 
so I will give you a choice here: 
I can arrest you or you can 
take a dose of my belt right here. 
Then I will follow you home and 
tell your wife what you have done 
and insist that she disciplines you further. 
That may be a better way to teach you 
a lesson not to drink and drive and expose yourself. 
But the choice is yours. 
I just hate to have to punish your 
wife too by making her bail you out.”
I thought about it for a minute
 and decided to take her punishment. 
I knew I was going to be punished
 by Betty anyway, 
so I told the officer that I would accept her offer.

Taking the Law Into Her Own Hands
Inflated by a new-found authority, 
the officer ordered me to drop my pants
 and underwear and to lean 
over the hood of her police car. 
When I assumed the position, 
to add to my shame she told me 
to stretch my arms out in front of me. 
She warned me that I better not let
 go of the hood or she would start over.

I could hear her belt coming out of the
 loops of her pants and glanced back 
to see how thick her belt was.
“Keep your eyes forward,”
 she instructed harshly.
She gave me the first stinging 
blow across both cheeks, 
just above my thighs.
“OW!” I cried. “That really hurts!”
In a stern voice she chided, 
“It supposed to hurt. 
And it’s going to hurt a lot more. 
There is a lesson to be learned here, and 
I am going to make sure you learn it.”

She was giving me the belting of my life. 
Bringing that belt down about every three seconds, 
alternating cheeks … Left then right. 
Top to bottom. 
Making sure she got my sit spot as well 
as the tops of my thighs. 
I was squirming after about 20 licks,
 and my arms instinctively 
went down for a second.
“Keep those arms stretched 
out in front of you, or I will handcuff them 
to the windshield wipers,” she told me in a way that communicated she meant business.

I started whimpering, and tears were 
starting to flow after a dozen more licks. 
I could tell that this girl was not new at this. 
She brought that belt down with precision aim and force. 
By the time she was done, 
I was blubbering like a child, 
and my ass was on fire.

More Where That Came From
She told me to get dressed and she 
would follow me home to make sure I got there okay. 
She wanted to have a word with my wife also. 
The only thing I could think of was 
that I was going to get more from her and that I wouldn't be sitting for a week. 
It was painful just driving the 
short five miles to my house. 
When we pulled up the long driveway of the house, 
Betty was out on the porch, 
arms crossed and not looking happy. 
It was now after 11 and I was over two hours late. 
I was not looking forward to this conversation, 
that’s for sure.

The police officer introduced 
herself as Officer Melinda Cummings. 
Before she was finished explaining 
what happened my wife looked at me and said, “
You need to go take a shower 
while this officer and I have a talk. 
You smell like a brewery.”

As I was taking a shower the hot water
 was making my ass burn all over again. 
My mind was going 90 miles an hour, 
wondering what that officer was telling my wife. 
I just knew that my punishment wasn't over yet. 
Not by a long shot.

When I came out the policewoman was gone, 
and Betty was on the couch 
holding her very large 
Vermont hardwood hairbrush.

Oh crap! I thought to myself. 
I’m dead.
“You are in for the punishment
 of your life this evening, Jacob. 
Not only were you late, 
you were drinking and driving! 
And to top it off, 
you have embarrassed me with your behavior. 

Officer Cummings told me you
 also exposed yourself to her.”
“I was just taking a leak—”
“I don’t want to hear your excuses. 
She apparently isn't done with you yet, either. 
She told me that she may still arrest 
you unless I make sure that you 
have learned your lesson. 
She gets off duty at midnight, 
and she will be coming back by on her way home. 
She told me that she wants to see your 
ass blistered and raw when she comes back. 
And I am going to make sure 
that’s exactly what she sees. 
She will be back in about one hour, 
so I want you over my knee right now. 
We don’t have time to waste, 
and an hour with my hairbrush 
should get the results she wants 
to keep your sorry ass out of jail.”

I draped myself across her lap, 
and she proceeded to rekindle
 the fire that was already there.
OMG! I thought. 
She’s smacking me harder 
than I ever remember.
I began begging her to stop, 
but she locked one of her legs around 
my thighs and pinned my right 
arm behind my back
 with her left hand. 
I couldn’t escape her vicious 
rapid blows on my tender bottom. 
I was in tears in no time.
“Oh please Betty … Ow, ow, ow!
 Not so hard!” My ass was on fire 
and felt like the skin was coming off.

“You deserve everything that’s coming to you.
 I am so disappointed in you, 
and we are going to teach you to 
never drink and drive. 
And if you weren't drinking, 
you would have not had 
to stop to expose yourself!”
She continued to scold me as she
 continued bringing that hairbrush 
down on my tender ass, over and over again,
 harder and harder.

“Just to make sure you've learned 
your lesson tonight, 
when Officer Cummings gets back 
to examine the state of your bottom, 
she has requested to punish you further. 
Upon her arrival you are to go outside, 
naked, and cut her two nice-size 
switches from our willow tree. 
Peel off the bark and bend over the back of this couch. 
Do you understand?” 
Before I could answer she gave 
me a series of a 
dozen fast and hard smacks.
“Yes Ma’am!” I answered, 
although I could hardly form the words.
I was crying like a baby and the tears were 
flowing onto the couch cushion.
 After what seemed like an eternity, 
Betty finally stopped when she heard a 
car pulling up in our gravel driveway. 
“Get up and stand in the corner, 
nose to the wall and hands on top of your head.”

House Call
Officer Melinda knocked twice 
and walked through the door. 
She went over to where I was standing 
and examined my backside thoroughly. “
Wow, you did a very good job on him. 
That is one raw and blistered ass.
 She grabbed my arm and turned me around. 
She had changed into a pair of jeans 
and t-shirt, and I could now see 
that this woman was indeed in great shape, 
although I kind of figured that
 by the way she swung that belt.
She looked at me sternly with those hazel eyes. 
She was a beautiful woman with high 
cheekbones and dark skin tone. 
She’s definitely American Indian — 
I’d venture to guess Cherokee, 
I thought to myself. 
And the way she grabbed me and held my arm, 
I could see her muscles tighten up. 
She was strong. 
I would not mess with this woman..
She looked me in the eye and said, 
“Now you have five minutes to get 
me those switches and get 
your sorry ass back in here. 
And make sure the bark is stripped.”
Four minutes and 45 seconds later, 
I was back inside and handed 
her the two switches she requested…

I was shaking at the thought of 
what was coming next. 
She took out her handcuffs and 
locked them on my wrist 
and ordered me to bend over the back of the couch. 
Then she put my hands on the seat part of the couch.
Turning to my wife, she said, 
“Betty, would you mind kneeling between
 his hands and holding him down. 
I want to teach this boy a lesson
 that he will not forget.”
“I would be glad to, Officer. 
I totally agree that he needs to be 
taught a good lesson here, 
but before you start, 
let me get a towel to put under him, 
in case you draw blood. 
You have no objection if the nice
 officer draws blood, do you sweetheart?”
 she said as she giggled 
off on her way the bathroom.

When I was in the desired position, 
I could not move the upper part of my body, 
and I was unable to see anything 
except the couch cushion. 
The only thing I heard was the swishing
 of a switch through the air as 
Officer Melinda was testing them.

Oh, but I certainly felt the sting 
when she finally made contact. 
It felt like liquid fire followed by a 
deep burning two seconds later. 
It was worse than any cane
 that I have ever felt. 
She covered my swollen ass from top to 
bottom and down my thighs. 
I was squealing like a little girl 
and shortly was in tears. 
I couldn't get away from the intense 
pain that rained down on my unprotected backside. 
I was squirming and kicking my 
legs but couldn't escape the wrath of this woman. 
All my screaming and squirming 
didn't faze her one bit nor did she skip a beat.
 I was crying uncontrollably and
 was ready to pass out. 
That fiery switch was cutting into my flesh, 
I just knew it was. 
Then I heard it snap.
“That’s one,” I heard her say though my 
moaning and sniveling. “
That’s why I wanted you to cut two of them. 
This one is a little thinner, 
so I am sure it will be more painful,
” she remarked with a gloating tone. 
“I am going to give you a break 
until you stop crying; then we’ll continue.”

After a few minutes, 
she started again with new vengeance, 
whipping me harder and faster than before,
 covering every inch from my 
thighs to the top of my ass. 
I was sobbing in no time 
as the pain intensified. 
I couldn't even speak.

After 15 agonizing minutes 
she finally stopped. 
They un-cuffed me let me up. 
I picked up the towel and patted 
the blood that she had produced. 
Officer Melinda Cummings gave me 
a smile and a big hug and said, 
“I hope that you have learned 
your lesson, young man, 
and that you will never even think 
about driving and drinking again.”

“Yes ma’am. I have. Thank you.”
She gave Betty big hug and walked out the door. 
Betty gave me a hug as well and 
told me that all was forgiven. 
“Now lets get you cleaned up, 
and I’ll put some lotion on you,” she said mildly.
One thing for sure …
I will never drink and drive again.


Spanking Stories! 
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spanking from A to Z

This can be found @
All Things Spanking
A is for the ass, upon which spanks do land.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

B is for bare bottoms, so amazing and grand.

C is for the cane, whose bite never relents. 
D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

D is for Discipline,  the punishment dispensed.

E is for euphoria, which surely we all feel.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

F is for Flagellants, self-punishing penitent, showing us the pain is for real.

G is for the gauntlet, through which 
we sometimes run.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

H is for the Hand, which do slap and 
spank each and every bun.

I is for Inner Spankoinside all of us.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

J is for Jeans, which are always coming down.

K is for the knots with which we may be bound.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

L is for Loving, Loving Female Authority

M is for  Motivatorswho never gets enough.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

N is for Naughtiness, for the badly misbehaved:

O is for Over the Knee, a place we all 
want to go over.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

P is for Paddle pops, for striking a naughty bottom.

Q is for the quirt, with a sting so strong and true.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

R is for Role Play, acting, or taking on a role.

S is for the spanking, that I'll receive tonight.

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

T is for Tears, singing tears of Joy.

U is for the upbraiding that may accompany a spanking.
D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

V is for the voice that scolds until you finish thanking.

W is for whacks, the sounds we love to hear. 

D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

X is for extra, for all the extra smacks I'll be receiving. 

Y is for you my followers, who come here every day.
D's Naught Boy Spanking Adventures

Z is for zero tolerance.
 Spanking from A to Z
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beautiful Female Ass Spankers #17

Beautiful Female Ass Spankers #17
D's Naughty Boys Spanking Adventures
These lovely ladies have a 
natural air of 
authority about them.
D's Naughty Boys Spanking Adventures 
 Strict conservative, 
stunningly beautiful, 
fully in charge.

Their all accustomed to being obeyed, 
and don't like being disobeyed.
D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventures

They lecture, scold, use corner time
and administer spankings 
that are not playful, 
but real disciplinary type spankings 
like a strict Mother would
have given in the 1950's

D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventures
If you don't behave, 
you'll be in for the cure 
of traditional bare bottom
tearful type spanking 
appropriate for young
misbehaved boys and men like you.

D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventures
A strict Female Ass Spanker's 
work is never done.
With plenty of pretty lap to go over.
D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventures
Pain, shame and tears of 
discipline is how we 
misbehaved men learn our lessons.
Playing with strict
Female Ass Spankers!
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!