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Pacific Standard Spanking Time

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It's all about Love

It's all about the Love

For me it all about the love
of giving and receiving that
"True Bottom Warming Experience"
and the "emotional and tear induced cleansing"
and comfort that takes place both
during and afterwards, trying not to focus,
at least for me, on the nasty,
sometimes terrible, burning pain
that is sometimes associated
with this unique and amazing kink.

"My Mammy", aka, CC, always knows how to
soothe and calm me, making the little boy
inside feel loved and cared for,
knowing all is forgiven.

What an incredible feeling
knowing that you have this
intimate connection with
another person who accepts
your spanking fetish
and cherishes you enough
to hold you accountable,
and bring that kind of emotion
to a "True Bottom Warming Experience! :-)

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

So beautiful and awesome to touch and look at.
Although it’s a whole other story wanting
the business end taken to your bare rear end
and upper thighs the good old-fashion way.

Be careful what you wish for!
During certain levels of play,
discoloration of skin and or bruising can occur.
Caution and safe play is always advised! ;-)

D's Naughty Boy Treasure Chest

D's Naughty Boy Treasure Chest

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101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man

101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man

"101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man"
(But Remember, You Only Need One!)
Click on image to be taken to the page!

28. It’s wonderful to feel completely in love, and completely loved, again.

6. You get to put him over your lap – with his bottom exposed and completely vulnerable.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Naughty Boys in the Diaper Position

The Diaper Position!
A position this naughty boy
doesn’t like to be placed in very often

Diaper discipline, also called diaper punishment or "DD", is a type of psychological punishment that involves shaming and humiliating a child/teen

Treating the submissive as baby with the idea of "If your going to act like a baby, I am going to treat you like one".


So Be careful or you just might find yourself getten it in the Diaper Position...Happy Spanks!

1 comment:

paul said...

I am sometimes spanked in the diaper postion with wood spoon
though {i am from the uk and we call it the legs over the head postion}> I get this as an extra punishment when OTK BARE. IF i kick. squirm put my hands back ect when hairbrushed spanked! which i do often. i get the wooden spoon in diaper postion I am SLOWLY LEARNING BUTS ITS PAINFULL i also get a further beating if i cum when OTK BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY!